Mining Growth, Sustainable energy and increased profitability

Currently, 66% of the primary energy used to create electricity is wasted by the time the electricity arrives at the customer meter

In the United States alone, shale oil operations are wasting 1.14 Billion cubic feet of natural gas per day*, which is equivalent to approximately 334,000 MWh of electricity (or ≈14,000 MWh per hour). Even worse, some of the natural gas being wasted is vented into the atmosphere. When it is not flared or converted to energy, instead of CO2 being released into the atmosphere, methane is released. Methane has shown to be 21 times more impactful on the climate, according to the Energy Information Administration.

*based on 2020 satellite data

As we focus into a niche within the mining industry, we are developing our team to fit AGA’s current needs.

Over the past few months AGA has acquired several new team members with a goal of achieving its newly defined project objectives.

Chris Ochoa

Head of Business Development
Responsible for the development, coordination and implemention of plans designed to increase existing business and capture new opportunities. Chris puts a focus on developing new partnerships with other blockchain companies that align with AGA’s goals.

AGA increases its mining power by 55%

We have committed to growth with the new buyback strategy and this week you are seeing that plan take shape. With AGA’s updated strategy, we have seized the current decreased difficulty situation. We want to capitalize on this moment in time and are increasing our mining operation by 55%.

This plan also fits our new mission to move towards a fully sustainable, scalable and cost effective business structure. Congrats to the new team for implementing this new model. AGA is better than ever.

About the upgrade:

AGA is installing 10 additional PH/s.

We are adding 100…

Dear AGA Community,

June 2021 was jam-packed. We created 8 new staking options, listed on a new exchange, launched new tokens and held an NFT auction!

While we continued experienced a volatile market, AGA remained profitable throughout the month. We even completed our biggest buyback yet!

We launched five new passive income options to earn on your AGA & AGAR (& three for our new tokens)

Our net-zero NFT went nuts!

The Project

AGA Finance, auctioned a net-zero carbon NFT, along with 1 WBTC mined net-zero to celebrate strides in AGA’s sustainability plans. Created by Electric Coffin the 1/1 NFT called Ursa Major Arctic Blast challenges ways BTC mining can be net-good, environmentally.

AGA gave away its first mined bitcoin (1 WBTC) with the NFT. The NFT and mined bitcoin carbon emissions that remained (as a portion of our energy is already renewable/green), were removed from the atmosphere using Nori Carbon Removals.

For more details click here.

“We want to push the boundaries of sustainable mining, and what…

Average required mining power per BTC* = 182.9 MWh

Average Global Carbon emissions generated per BTC*¹ = 141.16 US Tonnes

AGA Carbon emissions generated per BTC = 69.96 US Tonnes

Percentage of renewable energy used in AGA mining per BTC = 65.3%

CO2e generated removed using Nori Carbon Removals

Certificate: NORI certificate SERIAL — 20201009_m1_USIA047_f49_y19_n45.22-n115.22

*Based on miners used by AGA in Bitcoin mining

65% of our energy was generated by renewable sources. The remainder was removed from the atmosphere via carbon removals. We used Nori ( services with this bitcoin to shed light on a blockchain solution to…

AGAc/cr Tokens launch on ComethSwap!

Do you want something a little more entertaining on the blockchain?

How about a yield-generating video game?


Cometh is the first DeFi Layer2 powered blockchain game with yield generating NFT. Play now

Cometh is building an entire Ethereum Layer 2 ecosystem, starting with a game, a new decentralized and scalable exchange (ComethSwap) and groundbreaking projects such as Cometh Rental, the Refinery and the Melange (see whitepaper).

Within Cometh’s blockchain game, players use NFT spaceships (called astrominers) to mine smart asteroids filled with valuable tokens. These asteroids contain assets including liquidity pool shares of ComethSwap DEX ( and Ether…

This week AGA hosted its latest partnership, DFYN, on our telegram. Below you will be able to read more about what the team over at DFYN are doing differently. Here at AGA, we think you’ll be as excited as we are about their future!

Some sentences have been slightly edited for readability purposes.

Transcript of the Telegram AMA begins below:

  1. Please introduce yourself and your project!

Hi, I’m Priyeshu Garg. I used to be a software engineer in my past life. I worked for some of the big brands like Infosys and Ola cabs. After that, I transitioned my career…

AGA is excited to announce its listing on a new exchange!

Barter Trade is a revolutionary trading platform that aims to bring cryptocurrencies and other blockchain assets to global users through an efficiently designed and user-friendly trading interface.

Barter Trade prides itself as being the people’s exchange. They are focused on 3 pillars: security, transparency and efficiency.

AGA is once again expanding its passive earning options for its investors.

AGA is excited to announce its new partnership with DFYN. Our multi-blockchain visions aligned as DFYN seeks to become a multi-chain AMM DEX. DFYN initially launched on Polygon, but will soon expand to BSC, HEC, AVALANCHE, POLKADOT, ALGORAND and more.

Dfyn is building a network of DEXes across multiple Layer 1 and Layer 2 blockchains. This will allow Dfyn to plug into multiple liquidity sources across chains, including the cross-chain liquidity ecosystem being developed by Router Protocol.

DFYN’s goal is to onboard the next wave of crypto investors and that aligned with our goals, too. …


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